A foundation of the practice of Hickey & Associates, P.C. is the representation of community associations. In addition to providing general and corporate counsel, we are experienced in assisting associations’ Boards of Directors in a full spectrum of legal matters. We have over thirty years combined experience in the representation of community associations throughout Southern California. This commitment and experience, as well as our personal attention, allows us to provide a unique perspective in analyzing and fulfilling the needs of our clients.

Community Associations

As an example of our services, we provide representation and guidance to community associations in their ongoing business, litigation and transactional matters. We also provide legal counsel to Boards of Directors concerning the interpretation, analysis, application and enforcement of the governing documents, composing clear and concise recommendations and opinion letters. In addition, the firm offers counsel in reviewing, drafting, and revising third party contracts with association vendors, contractors, and other service personnel. We are also experienced in assisting Boards of Directors in amending and updating their governing documents and in providing guidance concerning common area repairs.

The firm’s attorneys have enjoyed success both in assisting associations in informally resolving disputes with its members, either through violation letters or meetings with the homeowners, as well as pursuing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and litigation. We believe that ADR represents an effective method to resolve such disputes. However, we are well equipped to vigorously pursue litigation to seek whatever Court orders are necessary in a prompt and diligent manner.